Schools and Colleges


School of Chinese Painting

The predecessor of School of Chinese Painting was the Chinese Painting Department founded in 1958, which was reconstructed as School of Chinese Painting in 2005. Based on the teaching concept of traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, drawing, art history and theory, School of Chinese Painting adopts a studio system and undertake its teaching approach of "mixing up imitation, drawing and creation" and sets up its courses such as imitation, drawing and sketching, calligraphy, seal-stone engraving, creation and other electives. The school has set up figures (detailed and freeidea painting), landscape, flower-bird and calligraphy majors, as well as material experimentation and expression of Chinese painting and a research center for calligraphy and painting comparison, etc. The school has made great progress by innovation, which takes a leading and demonstrating role in China''s fine art education.


School of Fine Art

The School of Fine Art has a foundation year programme, oil painting department, printmaking department, sculpture department, mural painting department and experimental art department, etc. Its freshmen have to undertake a foundation year programme at the Foundation Year Programme Department in its first year, ends up with the proved qualifications at the end of the year. Then, they proceed to study in specialized departments such as oil painting department, printmaking department, sculpture department and mural painting department.
The Foundation Year Programme has focused on cultivating the students'' comprehensive ability within fine ar by combining various techniques and concepts of both eastern and western art into its teaching process, to deepen their interest and understanding of art expression and improve their adaptability to future careerso that the students will get a comprehensive quality education in the four-year creative life.
The Oil Painting Department was one of the earliest teaching bases for oil painting teaching in China. Ever since the department''s founding in 1918, it has gone through almost ninety years'' of roses and thorns and has formed its own academic tradition. The Oil Painting Department has got five studios from the first to the fifty, which are all based on different styles of teachers/artists.
The Printmaking Department, founded in 1954, was the first department specialized in printmaking in China, where studios of woodcut, etching, lithography and silkscreen were set up. On the second year, basic courses like drawing, color and printmaking are set up, All its students are studio-based..
The Sculpture Department was founded in early 1950s, which now has formed a teaching system combining specialized fundamental teaching, studio teaching and technique and material practice. The department is now the biggest platform for sculpture teaching, research and creation in China due to its mix of clay sculpture and modern material techniques.
The Mural Painting Department, founded in 1978, was the first of its kind in China''s higher art academies. Ever since its founding, the Department has committed to revitalizing the traditional Chinese mural painting and take advantages of modern mural painting and public environment art from other countries. The Department adopts a studio system, which has a team of teachers and researchers exerting greatest influence on mural painting circle of China.
The predecessor of the Experimental Art Department was Experimental Art Studio set up in 2005, which shows much concern on practical experience of modern art and encourages creation of various local and global languages. Besides foundation teaching, the department has employed many worldly-known artists to run workshops here. What''s more, the department has been dedicated to offering outstanding artists good at comprehensive material, apparatus and new art media such as video through different special researches.


School of Humanities

School of Humanities was set up in 2003, whose predecessor was the Art History Department of CAFA founded in 1956. The school has made great achievements in research and academia in the fields such as Chinese religious art history, Chinese scholar painting history, ancient Chinese painting theory, modern Chinese art history, ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy identification, Chinese folk art history, Chinese art philology, Chinese and foreign art exchanges and comparison, modern and contemporary Western art history, restoration of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy, art administration and curatorial, and cultural heritages and art archeology, etc. In recent years, the school has made progress in research and teaching of visual cultures, western feministic art history, art history of New China and oriental art history, etc. It has four departments, i.e. art history and theory department, art education department, art administration department and cultural heritage department, as well as a non-material cultural heritage research center and an information center. For many years, it has kept a longstanding academic exchange and communication with many renowned universities such as University of California (Berkeley), Stanford University, Princeton University, New York University, Harvard University, Heidelberg University in Germany, SOAS of University of London, University of Tokyo, Seoul National University, University of New South Wales in Australia, Institut national du patrimoine (National Cultural Heritage Institute in France) and Repin Academy of Fine Arts in Russia, etc.


School of Design

School of Design was set up in 2002, whose predecessor was Design Department founded in 1995. The school positions itself as "artistic, experimental, visionary and international" teaching, aiming at cultivating sensual, imaginative and decisive designers. Now it has six majors, i.e. visual communication, industrial design, digital media, photography, fashion design and jewelry design with basics of natural form, basics of abstract form, basics of construction, basics of material experiment, sense training, thinking training and comprehensive training as its foundation courses. Furthermore, the school emphasizes inspiring and initiating students'' creative understanding of art and design with the aid of varieties of themes for training. And in order to promote a comprehensive development of teaching and research, it pursues international cooperation in an active way. 


School of Architecture

School of Architecture, founded in 2003, was the first architectural institute jointly by a strong fine art institution and a large-scale institute of architecture design, which advocates a close cooperation between art and architecture to realize the combination of teaching, research and engineering by highlighting architectural science as well as architectural art and culture, and has been committed to cultivating architect and designer with an artistic quality. Due to the teaching mode of one-to-one, junior students have chances to receive the edification of architect at the very beginning of their special learning. At present, it has set up three majors: architecture, landscape design and interior design.


School of City Design

School of City Design, set up in 2002, was the first professional college located outside CAFA''s main campus in order to expand design education and probe into multiple schooling model. Now the college is comprised of urban information design department, urban image design department, urban fashion design department and urban video design department as well as publishing design studio and animation creation center, etc.