Li Hua (1907-1995)

Li Hua is a renowned artist using woodcut media. He graduated from Municipal Guangzhou Art School in 1926, and stayed at the school as teacher upon graduation. In 1930, he went to Japan and studied in Tokyo Yasunari Fine Arts School. From the early 1930s, he worked on the woodcarving campaign and established the modern print association. He was also the editor-in-chief of the Modern Print series of books, and he organized the second round of national woodcarving tour exhibitions. In 1947, he taught at National Beiping Art School invited by Xu Beihong, and after the year of 1950, he taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He was a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and then head of its Printmaking Department. He was also advisor of Chinese Artists'' Association, chairman of China Woodcutters Association and the editor-in-chief of magazine Woodcut. His representative works include Roaring Waves - paintings in series, On the Starving Line, Finding Living From Cannon Muzzles, Conquering Sands, Capital Morning, etc. Several of his books were also published such as Chatting in the West Room, Twenty Lectures on Rules of Fine Arts Creation and Selection of Li Hua Woodcutting Works, etc.

 China Roaring by Li Hua